Bangladesh Rural Economic Development (BRED) is established on 1995 as non-government, non-political and non-profit voluntary development organization by some social activist with an aim to improve the socio-economic and livelihood status of the poor and underprivileged people of its working area through build-up their capacity and established social rights. BRED is mainly grassroots level NGO but it ascribes to contribute to develop the society by implementing projects/activities and conducting advocacy at regional as well as National levels to formulate pro-people policies, networking and partnership. A group of people including researcher, university teachers and practitioners are involved in Executive Committee as well as General Committee of the organization. The organization is run in democratic governance. Since its inception, the organization started its activities at Sirajgonj & Pabna district with awareness raising on women empowerment and prevention of torture on women and children, establish their rights and implement the diversified socio-economic development activities. In order to achieve the aim of the organization, BRED has been providing various services to the underprivileged, poor and vulnerable men, women and children through micro-credit for income generating activities, hygiene, sanitation and safe water supply, non-formal & life skill education, human rights and women empowerment, human resource development through capacity & skill development trainings, disaster risk reduction and emergency response etc. with financial and technical assistance from donor agencies, government of Bangladesh and other national service delivery organization. The organization gradually spread its activities all over the country. In its long journey the organization has developed nation wide networking of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) through Migration Development Forum (MDF). Simultaneously, it attained trust and good image among government departments and ministries, donor agencies from local level to national level. The organization is working as development associate with all relevant stakeholders as well.

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